The Gow Chow

East Bay, CA  •  2011 - PRESENT

The Gow Chow was the first and only mobile food truck in the San Francisco area promoting local band - Brothers Gow. Bass player Carson Church created The Gow Chow as unique way to promote the band, as-well as provide income for the band members. The truck served a delicious "Tex-Mex" style inspired by flavors from the Southwest. Popular items included the famous Tucson "Sonoran Dog" and Flagstaff staple "The Burrito Burger". With its state of the art sound system playing Brothers Gow as well as its 37in HD TV, The Gow Chow was taking food trucks to a new level. Carson then sold the Business in 2012 when the band moved to San Diego. The Truck is still up and running today in the Mt. View area of San Francisco. Follow them on yelp, facebook, or twitter to find the trucks daily location. We cant thank all the fans of the East Bay enough for the support of The Gow Chow! -

Ocean Beach Rock & Roll

Ocean Beach, CA  •  2014 - Present

To do what you love takes desire. To love what you do takes passion. To have both is to be inspired – At the OBRR we want to provide a safe, fun, and productive environment for kids ages 7 and up to learn how to read, write, and play music. Seasoned members of Brothers Gow will be offered private and group music lessons for kids to master the stage of music, and of life! With multi intsrumentalist Kyle Merril at the helm as music director OBRR has set sail to provide high quality music education with the added bonus of live group performances at the OB Playhouse. To do what you love takes desire. To love what you do takes passion. To have both is to be inspired.

Brothers Gow Music Foundation

Ocean Beach, CA  •  2013 - Present

     Brothers Gow Music Foundation (BGMF) is a non-profit with the primary goal of donating instruments to the K-12 classrooms of San Diego.  Members of Brothers Gow know the value of music education first hand, and are intent on contributing efforts to keep music accessible to the youth of Southern California.  With budget cutting in the arts and humanities in San Diego, music programs have been the first go.  The first fundraiser held in Ocean Beach (2013) raised enough money to put a guitar in each of the 18 classrooms of Ocean Beach Elementary.  From there several more fundraisers have been held,  with stringed intstruments being donated to Dana Middle School, as well as collaborative programs with Point Loma High School, and the Society for Autism

​​In the Fall of 2015, Brothers Gow was delighted and humbled to be awarded “Programs for Youth Award”  by the Ocean Beach Town Council and “Certificate of Special Recognition” by the House of Representatives for their philanthropic contributions to their home town.  The band looks forward to what the future will bring in 2016 for their local community and continuing to spread the power of music to their beloved hometown.